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what we do

We create highly successful LinkedIn profiles for you to:

– Get the absolute best out of your career

– Connect with great high quality, like minded people

– Get contacted by recruiters and clients looking for someone with your unique background

– Be ahead of the competition in today’s hard job market.

We aim to create the most successful LinkedIn profile you have ever seen so you can get the best out
of your career and finally get the success you deserve. The premier Linkedin Profile Writing Service.




We are an online LinkedIn profile optimization service that specialises in creating highly successful LinkedIn profiles.

Our goal is to get recruiters and clients contact you. By optimizing your linkedin profile, you are able to strengthen your network and obtain new connections.


We are located in the Netherlands, however instead of only sticking to local talent, our team is comprised of highly experienced global professionals to build premium, high quality LinkedIn profiles.


With over 9 year experience in recruiting, branding and resume writing, and 5 years of experience in exclusive LinkedIn writing, our experts are highly driven to help you create the best LinkedIn profile you have ever had.


As specialists in LinkedIn profile optimization our mission is to help professionals take charge of their lifes and get the absolute best out of their career.

94% of job recruiters are on LinkedIn

On average, a recruiter spends a mere 8 seconds on a regular profile

Are you getting the most out of your profile?

Do you want a perfect LinkedIn profile to get the dream job you deserve?
Do you want to extend your network to be more successful in your career and life?
But are you lacking time? Or you think your profile could be looking better?

Here at Sublime LinkedIn Design we optimize LinkedIn profiles that practically guarantee you
getting calls from job recruiters and clients, connect with high quality, likeminded people around
you and be ahead of your competition, even if you’ve been struggling for months and months

Research shows 94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn. On average a recruiter or hiring
manager spends a mere 8 seconds on a regular profile before deciding to leave. With almost
400 million people on LinkedIn you need to differentiate yourself in order to grab attention. You
need to stand out from the crowd.

“89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn “


Herd Wisdom, The Social Recruiting Pocket Guide

“94% of all recruiters are active on LinkedIn”


Capterra Talent Management

“Currently there are 396 million people on LinkedIn”


Statista, Quarterly Numbers of LinkedIn Members

“1 in 3 professionals in the world are on LinkedIn”


LinkedIn’s quarterly report

“The average number of connections on LinkedIn is 930”


LinkedIn’s quarterly report

Are you finally ready for a significant positive change in your career?

Then take action right now and get the absolute maximum out of LinkedIn. Make sure to never
miss out on a huge opportunity again because of your online appearance.

Whether you are looking to optimize your chances for success. Not completely satisfied in
your current position, looking for a new dream position and finally achieve your goals. Or you
are looking to strengthen your network and obtain new connections.

LinkedIn has become the go-to service for professionals. With a growth of 38% in 2014 (which
continues to rise even more), LinkedIn is the best platform to promote yourself as a professional. Build

credibility, create an expert status and attract recruiters, clients, thought leaders, like-minded

individuals, people in your industry and others you share interests with like magnets.

Are you looking to create the best you? Do you finally want to achieve your goals and get the

success the you deserve? By having a premium LinkedIn profile in this day and age, you will

maximize your chances for success.

If you want to take control of your career and you feel you are ready, sign up for a 30 minute

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We truly believe in our product and therefore stand 100% behind it. For the same reason we offer a full money-back guarantee for 21 days if you are not
satisfied with our services. No questions asked. We are completely certain that this is the solution you have been seeking. You’ll receive a premium profile
you have never seen before.

package and process

LinkedIn does not allow someone else to login on your profile for security reasons.

Therefore you will receive your profile in a template form so you can copy and paste it in your profile yourself.

What you will receive and how it works:

1. Exclusive Branding Questionnaire

We use our exclusive branding questionnaire together with your resume (if available) to collect the
information we need to write your premium LinkedIn profile. We help you determine: Background,
Expertise, Career trajectory, Accomplishment & Successes, Unique value and Differentiation. With a
highly focussed questionnaire we know how to extract the right data from you and make it sound great.


2. Interview

Besides our exclusive branding questionnaire and your resume, we will interview you for 30 minutes to
get to know you more in-depth. After that we choose a high quality writer that matches your specific
needs, background and goals. Understanding your unique life story, values and specific needs, we
build your profile in a strategic way that engages the audience and is compelling to the eye.


3. Profile Optimization

We will optimize your profile in a way to ensure you show up high in rankings when a potential recruiter
or client is looking for someone with your skills and expertise. We do this by using relevent, powerful
keywords that match your target audience or the position you aim for. This will get you tons of calls and
connection requests.


4. Supreme Quality Profile

You will receive a high quality LinkedIn profile that highlights your specific skills, unique personality and
life story so recruiters and clients will contact you.

Your profile will be completed and include: professional headline, compelling summary, your experience
and background, unique skillset, languages, courses, education, specific interests and unique
personality and any other information you wish to add. By utilizing a conversational approach your
profile will provoke confidence and credibility while showcasing you as a high class professional.


5. Review & Revision

Once your profile is done we will contact you again for a round of edits or a revision if necessary, to
make sure your specific goals and objectives have been achieved.


Within 3 – 5 business days

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation to express your

specific needs and interests, with absolutely no obligations.
We’ll be in touch within 1 day.

Why Choose Us?


Our team of experts has over 9 year experience in recruiting, branding and resume writing. Since 5 years, our team specializes in exclusive
LinkedIn writing. Therefore, we have the expertise and experience to optimize your LinkedIn profile that allows you to reach your full potential.


We put the client first, every single time. Our team is truly committed to give you the optimal results you need, in a quick and efficient
manner. We are so confident about our product, that if you are not satisfied, we offer a full refund of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what clients do you specialize?

We work mainly with professionals.

Do you also serve people outside of Europe?

Since we made the switch to go broader, we also take clients from outside of Europe.

What if I'm not satisfied with my product?

You are completely covered. We offer a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee for 21 days if you are not satisfied with our services.

What's the difference between a highly professional LinkedIn profile and a resume?

A resume has one specific purpose: get the organization understand you are the best fit for a specific position. Resumes should therefore be customized for that specific position. A high quality LinkedIn profile though, serves as an extension of your resume. It showcases your personality, highlights your specific strengths and expertise. It encompasses who you are as a professional in total and serves as a tool to help bring opportunities to you. With LinkedIn you also have the opportunity to engage with other people. Someone can use it easily as a reason to reach out to you.

How secure is my information?

We have worked a lot with executives, managers and directors so we know that information is very sacrosanct. We have dedicated, trained staff ready to individually work on your profile. Each design is fully reviewd by our staff to ensure you receive the highest quality profile. Never will your information be shared with anyone besides our highly expert team members. For the ones that do not want to share their information, we have an option to serve your profile in a template form so you can copy it into your LinkedIn yourself once finished.

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